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Youth Ministry 


Nu Gen Ministry

Kingdom Kidz (Preschool)

Generation 5 (Elementary)

One Six (Middle & High School)




Pastors:  Elder Henry & Tyisha Kleckley

The Youth Department of Evangelistic Ministries Church (EMC) is called Nugen, which is short for

New Generation.   NuGen is comprised of three departments.  “Hard in the Paint” for high and middle schoolers, “Generation 5: One Six” for elementary schoolers, and “Kingdom Kidz” for pre-schoolers.  NuGen is pastured by Pastor Henry Kleckley and his wife Tyisha Kleckley and their assistants Ruben and Tamia Evans.


The children and teens of NuGen are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to their full potential and for the Glory of God!  They can do that through song, dance, mime, poetry, instruments, drama, etc.  Every third Sunday of the month is Youth Sunday and NuGen ministries to the congregation in diverse ways.  There are other opportunities to minister throughout the year during open mic nights, youth conferences, and other special services and events!


Weekly NuGen services are infused with relevant and uncompromising bible teaching enhanced by technology, music, and drama.  The youth pastors and all volunteers for the youth ministry are very deliberate about teaching the Word of God in an engaging way that equips the children and teens to apply it to their everyday lives.  NuGen serves to empower this generation to be salt and light amidst a corrupt and perverse world and stand boldly with the anointing of the Holy Spirit!



Youth Pastors
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Vacation Bible School
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